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Pytroll is an easy to use, modular, free and open source python framework for the processing of earth observation satellite data. The provided python packages are designed to be used both in R&D environments and in 24/7 operational production.

The focus is on atmospheric applications and imaging sensors, but as seen from the list of supported satellite sensors below the data that can be handled by Pytroll allows the usage in a wide range of earth sciences.

AHI True Color

Pytroll packages and supported data

You can find the complete list of pytroll packages on Also checkout this overview description of all packages and their mutual dependencies, maturity and known operational usage.

A non exhaustive list of supported satellites and formats is provided here:

Tutorials, examples…

For a quick and easy overview of what Pytroll can possibly offer for you have a look at the Pytroll overview which was shown at the 2017 Eumetsat conference in Rome Tuesday October 3rd.

For some pytroll examples, you can have a look at the Pytroll Gallery or head directly to

Getting in touch

If you want to contact us, we will be very happy to chat with you on the Pytroll slack. To get access you must invite yourself to the slack team by going here. If you have issues joining the slack, please send an email to the mailing list below.

Alternatively, you can send messages mailing list:


Pytroll User Days!

On 10 and 11 June 2024 we will organise the Pytroll User Days in Darmstadt, Germany.

See the full announcement and registration link.

Pytroll Contributor Weeks (PCWs)

The PCW is a gathering of the developers and users of Pytroll during which they address issues and new features in the project and work/code together. It is usually conducted as a hackaton type of event during one week in some of the instutions already contributing to Pytroll. It is a great opportunity to learn more about Pytroll and get involved in the development. Some experience with Python is desirable to enjoy the PCW at its full potential :) Due to the format of the PCW meeting it is not necessary to attend all 5 days. It is perfectly acceptable to come to a PCW and spend the time learning how to use Pytroll tools in your own workflow.

Any questions can be asked on the mailing list or on (see “Getting in touch” above).

Past PCWs

The most recent in-person Pytroll Contributor Week took place at the DMI headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, from November 25th till 29th, 2019. The Copenhagen PCW was particularly special since it was taking place almost exactly 10 years since Pytroll was started, then as a bilateral cooperation between the Danish and Swedish Met services. This time we were 18 people attending, almost all of us during the entire week, coming from Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Italy, representing 8 different entities (National Met services, EUMETSAT, Tecnavia (Swiss company), and other governmental/environmental institutes). We had a mixture of a few first time attendees to those who have been attending regularly the last few years.


For a summary of achievements in the last PCW and to see other workshops look at the Workshops page.